A mnemonic for Little's law

Nicolae Vartolomei · 2022/09

Today, I was working on a problem where I struggled to recall formula for the famous Little’s law at 6am. My laziness made me open the above-mentioned article no later than 3 seconds in trying to recall it. But this time I visualized something I couldn’t before. Likely, the sleep-deprived state contributed to it.

The formula is in the name!

L=λW"Little’s=λaW"L = \lambda W \\ "L\textnormal\textcolor{gray}{ittle's} = \lambda \textnormal\textcolor{gray}{a} W"

PS. I wondered what other notations are out there and found a 2016 article A Clue for Remembering Little’s Laws, which presents a mnemonic for remembering 3 different variations of the law:

Q, L, U variations of the Little's law.

Now the QLUeQLU\textnormal{e} is complete:

Q, L, U variations of the Little's law, updated.